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T.N.T. News
Clan rules/guidelines

Comments 1 By UK Bob UK in Clan Rules on Friday 07 October @ 13:20

Server News

1.The Clan's momentum depends on member's activity on the website,forum and game server.
2.Be respectful on TeamSpeak and in-game and other servers.
3.DO NOT accuse any player in public chat while in-game or on other servers.Ask an admin to go to spectator.
4.Any member caught hacking,cheating or being disrespectful on our server or any other will be removed from the clan ranks.
5.Membership to our clan requires that you are a member of no other Mohaa clan.
6.We ask that you participate in training and matches if you are available.
7.All members are required to wear their tags in-game and when on other servers.
8.Public players are welcome on Ts providing approval has been gained from other members first with no passwords to be given out until that approval.
9.New recruits will be accepted after all members have been asked their opinion.
10.Membership is exclusively to over 18's only.
11.Can members that use teamspeak and on the server please speak in english only. If you speak another language with a fellow member, other rooms are available in teamspeak.

Server Ip's.

Comments 0 By Scotland St Pauli in Clan Rules on Sunday 04 September @ 13:40

Server News

Mohaa servers and TeamSpeak Ip's.

Welcome To T.N.T.

Comments 1 By Scotland St Pauli in Clan Rules on Saturday 03 September @ 11:14


Hello and welcome to our new website.